What can I recycle?

There are several items and materials that can be recycled and reused. Most of these materials can be found right inside your home or garage. You can even bring in old auto parts and bits of mystery metal for recycling. You never know what might be valuable to someone else. Continue reading to catch up on various ideas on things to bring to a recycling center for reuse.

New and Used Auto Parts

Recycling car parts is a huge benefit for the environment, as well as, the local car owner searching for a cheap automotive replacement piece. Cars are made of various types of metals, such as iron, steel, aluminum, and even platinum. Many of their inner workings are very valuable commodities. Catalytic converters, transmissions, radiators, car batteries, tail pipes, tires, and more are all items that can be recycled and reused on a vehicle. A recycling center is a great middle man for any mechanic looking for cheap auto parts, or parts that are hard to locate.


Most paper merchandises can be recycled, but not all of them are currently being recycled now. Make sure to check with your local collection facility before you start collecting paper products to recycle. If you can’t have them collected though, you may be able to use them in a compost pit.


Most plastic products can be recycled, but they are separated by the code on the bottom of the container. Usually, a triangle with a number from 1 to 7 inside the triangle is located on the bottom. Again all you need is to check with local collection stores to determine which ones they collect for recycling. The following are materials that you recycle.


Glass can be recycled as many times as possible. You just have to rinse the containers out and remove any labels before putting them in the recycling storage bins.

Household Junk.

There are many different items that a person could find right in their trash can that can be recycled! For example, paper products, food cartridges, soda cans, plastic jugs, milk cartons, plastic wrap, and more are all recyclable goods that we tend to overlook on a daily basis. Recycling these things is great for the environment, as well as, a source of income for some people. Scrap metal prices are moderate today, and most centers pay decent returns for large recycling bundles. Start saving all your soda cans and newspapers for some extra money in the piggy bank!

Garage Items

Even right now, you may have items in your garage or shed that are recyclable goods that you are unaware of, such as old lawn mowers, landscaping equipment, tools, rubber hoses, old electrical wiring, and even wood can all be recycled. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these kinds of items and designate a recycling bin to store them in. At the end of every week or month, you can take these items to your local recycling center for a cash reward, or just peace of mind that you are helping the environment!


You can even recycle electronics! Regardless of age, model, or condition, a recycling center will accept your electronic devices and recycle them safely. Examples of recyclable electronics include computers, laptops, cell phones, tablets, pagers, circuit boards, GPS equipment, landline phones, fax machines, copiers, DVD players, VCRs, 2-way radios, stereos, and more.




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What can I re-use instead of throwing out?

Here are some incredible thoughts for reusing the plastic.

Painstakingly remove the bent parts and spare all the flat plastic pieces. These edges are dangerously sharp, so handle precisely.

Cunning Journal – Re-utilize Plastic Packaging

The level pieces you are left with won’t take a considerable measure of space to store, and there are numerous ways these pieces can be reused.

You can utilise a dark Sharpie to check where you need to cut, and after that expel any imprints with liquor.

-You can slice this plastic to make windows in boxes, cards, and blessing packs.

– If you influence channel to tape wallets, the plastic is ideal for an I.D. card window.

– It likewise makes incredible formats for making. Since you can see through the clear plastic, it enables you to put your format precisely where you need it.

The dark encourages you to see the edges of the layout.

– It can likewise be emblazoned utilising a kick the bucket cutting machine.

– Try sandwiching a photograph between 2 bits of plastic for adornments or gems.

– Pieces that can’t be reused for whatever else may be usable for holding muddled substances, for example, paste or paint, and afterwards can be hurled when your undertaking is done.

– Mark it with your custom imprints for measuring things that you should be continually measuring. Since you can see through it, you will know precisely where you need to stamp.

– Enclose it between 2 bits of texture or cardboard for firmness or toughness.

– Use it as a window in a photograph frame.With web based business deals expanding, having a healthy reserve of cardboard packages laying around your home or flat has turned into a lifestyle. Almost all that you purchase arrives in a case, and anything you transport through the conveyance bearers will be in a container also. That is a ton of cardboard! A great many people open their packages and dispose of the containers, so we’ve concocted a couple of good approaches to reuse that material:

Different Packages-The most ideal approach to reuse a bundle box is to send another bundle with it. You should simply spare the crate until the point that you require it, however, as a matter of fact, this may make the mess (Keep perusing for some more inventive approaches to reuse these cases).

Imagine Box-Another incredible use for the empty box is to offer it to a kid. This ageless outlet gives hours of amusement and urges them to utilise their creative ability. Not certain how it functions? Look at this clasp from Spongebob.

Pet Bed-Cut off the best parts of the container and put an old pad inside for your pooch to utilise it as a bed. Or, then again, cut an opening in the container and enable your feline to investigate. Include a pad, and it turns into a cat-like hideaway.

Coordinators Leftover boxes can be utilised for a wide range of hierarchical reason: drawer coordinators, storage room coordinators or even under the bed coordinators.

Tyke’s post Another fun thought for kids is to utilise these cases to make a stronghold. In the lounge room, or outside on the garden, boxes are a brilliant bright canvas for children to play with.

Reusing Containers-Get your recyclables under control by utilising these additional crates to sort out paper, plastic and metals.

Memory Box-For littler boxes, finish with collection materials and fill it with your recollections. Ticket stubs, sticky notes, most loved coins and different articles that help you to remember all the fun you’ve encountered.

Knowing these few approaches to reuse your packages should decrease the misuse of cardboard no less than a tad bit. One individual changing their propensities can have any effect. If you utilise these thoughts, will you help reuse cardboard, as well as you will make your pets, your children, your companions and even yourself more joyful?



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How do I know if something is recyclable?

Recycling is when you process used materials and use them to make new products in an effort to prevent excessive waste of useful materials, reduce use of new raw materials, reduce energy use, reduce pollution of air and water, reduce need for waste disposal, and to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling is a major part of modern waste management. Many products are recyclable including; glass, paper, metal, plastic, textiles, and electronics.

How does it work?Materials that can be recycled are sorted according to type, cleaned, and brought to a collection center or picked up with the trash. Again the materials are sorted and cleaned, then they are processed into new materials and sent to manufacturing companies. Recycling provides companies with a way to make new products using reprocessed materials instead of investing in new ones.

Some materials must be salvaged from other products. For example; lead must be extracted from car batteries and gold must be extracted from computer parts. Some materials are salvaged because of their hazardous nature, like the removal of mercury from certain items.

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It is important to reduce the amount of products we consume to reduce the waste we produce. Next, it is important to shift your product consumption to those that are produced from recycled materials. Last, is the option to recycle. It is important to try to recycle anything you can. Some items you may not have thought of recycling can be; batteries, computers, and cell-phones. When the three principles are in balance, refuse destined for the landfill will reduce drastically.

2. Know what products can be recycled. Find out what your local recycling rules are for your area. This will ensure that you don’t attempt to recycle something that can not be processed.

3. Purchase only recycled materials. If you shift your consumption to only products that have been recycled you will be contributing to keeping products out of landfills. Also, by purchasing and using only recycled materials you will reduce the consumption of virgin materials, which can be important for resources like wood.

4. Encourage recycled art. Some artists choose to construct their masterpieces out of recycled or used materials. Also, encourage the use of recycled paper, and biodegradable glues, paints, and pencils.

5. Recycle Water. If you own your own home, you may want to consider altering your plumbing structure to use rainwater or waste water from your shower/tug to flush your toilet. You can also water your plants and garden with leftover bath water or dish water.

6. Compost. Another way to reduce household trash is to compost your food waste. You can place these items into a bin outside and either use on your own garden or give to others to help their gardens. You can also donate your real Christmas tree to be made into mulch.

7. Recycle your electronics. This option is becoming very popular in urban areas. There are many non-profit organizations that can take your computer parts and electronics and convert them into working devices for others to use. You may also consider selling your old or broken electronics or giving them away to people who may be able to fix and use them. You can also recycle your cell-phone by donating it to an organization that provides people with cell phones for emergencies. In addition you can donate non-working appliances to local repair shops, trade schools, or repair hobbyists.





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How Does Recycling Work?

Recycling has become an essential activity in recent years, because it is one of the most effective ways to reduce damage to the environment. Most countries around the world have imposed laws and incentives to encourage their citizens to practice recycling, and many organizations and individuals have made recycling a part of their daily routines. If you have not adopted the habit of recycling, you should consider doing so. Recycling does not only benefit the environment; it can also improve your health and help you save money. So, how does recycling work? Let us look at how exactly recycling works.

1. Recycling in Your Home

Find ways to recycle different materials – Materials that are most commonly recycled are plastic, paper, glass and metal. However, there are many other items in your home that can be recycled, such as clothes, building materials, electronic equipment, and even vehicles. You need to find out where you can bring different used and waste materials for recycling, and try to recycle as many items as possible.

Buy products that are recyclable or made of recycled materials – Buying such products ensures that you will not be wasting materials and contributing to landfill problems. Tin cans and glass jars are examples of products that are highly recyclable. To find out which products are made of recycled materials, just look for the “eco-friendly” label on their packaging.

Avoid using hazardous materials – Hazardous waste is very difficult to recycle. As such, you should make a point to use non-toxic products as much as possible.

Get a recycle bin – Keep a recycle bin in an accessible and visible location, so that you will remember to use it. The recycle bin should be used for storing paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum.

2. Recycling in Your Garden

Composting – Composting refers to the process of decomposing and recycling waste into compost, an organic matter that can help plants grow. You can use this method to recycle plant trimmings, leftover food, and other waste materials.

Grass recycling – Instead of throwing grass cuttings away after you mow the lawn, just leave them where they are. They will become nutrients and make the soil more fertile.

3. Recycling in the Community

Recycling facilities – There are recycling facilities in every community. Locate the facilities in your community and use them frequently.

School and workplace – Most schools and workplaces have recycling schemes, and you should try to follow their schemes and provide suggestions for improving them.

Community projects – Learn about the recycling projects that are being conducted in your community. You can contribute to their efforts by becoming a volunteer, providing new ideas, or donating money.

Sell your used cans – Find out where you can get cash for cans in your community. Bring your used cans there and earn some extra money. The main purpose of participating in recycling is to contribute to the betterment of the environment, but you can also make some cash in the process. Other than used cans, you can also sell glass bottles, cardboard boxes, newspapers, plastics, and even mobile phones.

Recycling is one of the best ways to contribute to the health of our planet. When you think about how it can take 700 years for plastic to decompose, 80 to 100 years for aluminum cans and over 1,000,000 years for glass – recycling remains the best option. Having information like this is important so that earth-conscious people can do their part in making our world as healthy as possible. Make sure that you check whether or not your town has recycling pick-up and if it doesn’t, find the nearest recycling center.


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How does recycling help the environment?

Proper management of waste is a huge problem in today’s world. With the rise in population, the amount of waste per person is also increasing significantly which is posing an alarming threat to our environment. Landfills are getting exhausted with dumping of wastes. Our water bodies are getting polluted with the increasing number of toxic wastes and pollutants being dumped into them each day. Thus there is a need for proper disposal of waste materials so that the effect on the environment is reduced. One of the best ways to ensure less waste materials are being produced is by recycling the existing waste so that they can be re used for other purposes.

Recycling of waste materials

One of the best ways to make sure we have a positive impact on the world is by recycling waste. Recycling is very important for both us and the environment we live in. The recycling of waste materials is very important and the smallest step that we take can have a huge significant impact on our environment. When we recycle our waste, we are making sure we use less of our natural resources. Also the total waste produced to be disposed gets reduced by a huge quantity. There are a lot of ways in which recycling waste materials helps our environment.

Recycling helps to reduce landfill waste

The environmental threats landfills pose is a major concern. A lot of land gets used for landfills and toxic non bio degradable materials like plastic take years to decompose. Recycling of waste leads to less waste being disposed off in landfills. A lot of waste items like food materials, paper, plastic, wood, leather, rubber etc can be recycled effectively. Thus there is less pressure on landfills.

Conservation of natural resources

Manufacturing of products requires the utilisation of our natural resources. This can include fossil fuels, metals or both. At the current rate we are using our fossil fuels, they will probably get depleted within a few hundred years. When we dispose of products that are made using our natural resources, we lose them forever. Recycling of waste materials like steel, wood, plastic, paper, etc helps to save thousands of gallons of natural oil, water and also helps to lessen the space used for landfills.

Saving of forests and other different types of habitats

Forests get cut and cleared for making paper, mining and cultivation of palm oil. This leads to the number of flora and fauna being greatly reduced. A lot of precious metals can also be found in forests which gets lost forever. Recycling thus helps to conserve the world’s forest and trees. A lot of natural habitats for animals and rare species get saved.

Reduces pollution and global warming

A lot of toxic gases which contribute to global warming, get emitted into our atmosphere which occur from industries and factories producing and manufacturing goods. Recycling of waste leads to less production and hence less emission of toxic gases in the atmosphere. Thus global warming gets greatly reduced.

Dumping of waste materials leads to pollution. Burning of wastes lead to emission of toxic gases which pollute the air. Disposal of waste in our water bodies lead to death and poisoning of marine life which comes back to us to harm us. Disposal of waste in landfills makes the land unsuitable for cultivation and use. Thus recycling of our waste is the only option we have in order to reduce the amount of pollution in our environment.




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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling is great but sometimes things can’t be recycled or have a limited number of times that they can be recycled. In that case they should be reused.  Here is this video with 10 creative ways to reuse plastic bottles.


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