How does recycling help the environment?

Proper management of waste is a huge problem in today’s world. With the rise in population, the amount of waste per person is also increasing significantly which is posing an alarming threat to our environment. Landfills are getting exhausted with dumping of wastes. Our water bodies are getting polluted with the increasing number of toxic wastes and pollutants being dumped into them each day. Thus there is a need for proper disposal of waste materials so that the effect on the environment is reduced. One of the best ways to ensure less waste materials are being produced is by recycling the existing waste so that they can be re used for other purposes.

Recycling of waste materials

One of the best ways to make sure we have a positive impact on the world is by recycling waste. Recycling is very important for both us and the environment we live in. The recycling of waste materials is very important and the smallest step that we take can have a huge significant impact on our environment. When we recycle our waste, we are making sure we use less of our natural resources. Also the total waste produced to be disposed gets reduced by a huge quantity. There are a lot of ways in which recycling waste materials helps our environment.

Recycling helps to reduce landfill waste

The environmental threats landfills pose is a major concern. A lot of land gets used for landfills and toxic non bio degradable materials like plastic take years to decompose. Recycling of waste leads to less waste being disposed off in landfills. A lot of waste items like food materials, paper, plastic, wood, leather, rubber etc can be recycled effectively. Thus there is less pressure on landfills.

Conservation of natural resources

Manufacturing of products requires the utilisation of our natural resources. This can include fossil fuels, metals or both. At the current rate we are using our fossil fuels, they will probably get depleted within a few hundred years. When we dispose of products that are made using our natural resources, we lose them forever. Recycling of waste materials like steel, wood, plastic, paper, etc helps to save thousands of gallons of natural oil, water and also helps to lessen the space used for landfills.

Saving of forests and other different types of habitats

Forests get cut and cleared for making paper, mining and cultivation of palm oil. This leads to the number of flora and fauna being greatly reduced. A lot of precious metals can also be found in forests which gets lost forever. Recycling thus helps to conserve the world’s forest and trees. A lot of natural habitats for animals and rare species get saved.

Reduces pollution and global warming

A lot of toxic gases which contribute to global warming, get emitted into our atmosphere which occur from industries and factories producing and manufacturing goods. Recycling of waste leads to less production and hence less emission of toxic gases in the atmosphere. Thus global warming gets greatly reduced.

Dumping of waste materials leads to pollution. Burning of wastes lead to emission of toxic gases which pollute the air. Disposal of waste in our water bodies lead to death and poisoning of marine life which comes back to us to harm us. Disposal of waste in landfills makes the land unsuitable for cultivation and use. Thus recycling of our waste is the only option we have in order to reduce the amount of pollution in our environment.




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