What can I recycle?

There are several items and materials that can be recycled and reused. Most of these materials can be found right inside your home or garage. You can even bring in old auto parts and bits of mystery metal for recycling. You never know what might be valuable to someone else. Continue reading to catch up on various ideas on things to bring to a recycling center for reuse.

New and Used Auto Parts

Recycling car parts is a huge benefit for the environment, as well as, the local car owner searching for a cheap automotive replacement piece. Cars are made of various types of metals, such as iron, steel, aluminum, and even platinum. Many of their inner workings are very valuable commodities. Catalytic converters, transmissions, radiators, car batteries, tail pipes, tires, and more are all items that can be recycled and reused on a vehicle. A recycling center is a great middle man for any mechanic looking for cheap auto parts, or parts that are hard to locate.


Most paper merchandises can be recycled, but not all of them are currently being recycled now. Make sure to check with your local collection facility before you start collecting paper products to recycle. If you can’t have them collected though, you may be able to use them in a compost pit.


Most plastic products can be recycled, but they are separated by the code on the bottom of the container. Usually, a triangle with a number from 1 to 7 inside the triangle is located on the bottom. Again all you need is to check with local collection stores to determine which ones they collect for recycling. The following are materials that you recycle.


Glass can be recycled as many times as possible. You just have to rinse the containers out and remove any labels before putting them in the recycling storage bins.

Household Junk.

There are many different items that a person could find right in their trash can that can be recycled! For example, paper products, food cartridges, soda cans, plastic jugs, milk cartons, plastic wrap, and more are all recyclable goods that we tend to overlook on a daily basis. Recycling these things is great for the environment, as well as, a source of income for some people. Scrap metal prices are moderate today, and most centers pay decent returns for large recycling bundles. Start saving all your soda cans and newspapers for some extra money in the piggy bank!

Garage Items

Even right now, you may have items in your garage or shed that are recyclable goods that you are unaware of, such as old lawn mowers, landscaping equipment, tools, rubber hoses, old electrical wiring, and even wood can all be recycled. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these kinds of items and designate a recycling bin to store them in. At the end of every week or month, you can take these items to your local recycling center for a cash reward, or just peace of mind that you are helping the environment!


You can even recycle electronics! Regardless of age, model, or condition, a recycling center will accept your electronic devices and recycle them safely. Examples of recyclable electronics include computers, laptops, cell phones, tablets, pagers, circuit boards, GPS equipment, landline phones, fax machines, copiers, DVD players, VCRs, 2-way radios, stereos, and more.




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